Mini Guide to Cuba


If there’s one thing visitors can’t complain about Cuba is its marvelous weather. The country is located just under the Tropic of Cancer and boasts a tropical climate with year-round northeasterly winds.

The Caribbean Current also influences the temperatures bringing warm waters to the beaches. The country has dry weather generally between November and April, and the wet season between May and October. Just stay away in September and October as it’s the hurricane season.

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Food and Drinks

Cuban cuisine is an exciting mix of Caribbean and Spanish flavors. Visitors should eat at paladares (restaurants owned by locals) as the government restaurants are considered bland and boring.

Don’t leave without trying some local sandwiches such as the Cubano and Medianoche, and Ropa Vieja, a steak cooked in tomato sauce. Cubans famous cocktail is the Mojito, but locals will likely drink Bucanero Fuerte, a strong dark beer found everywhere.

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Festival del Habano

Festival del Habano is the most famous cigar festival in Cuba held annually between February and March. It’s promoted by the big Cuban brand such as Cohiba, Partagas, and Montecristo, and attracts people from all over the world.

Some of the activities involve visits to tobacco plantations, seminars, cigar rolling demonstrations, and of course, plenty of tastings. As it’s essentially a trade show, some of the attendees are businessmen looking to learn more about cigars and sell them in their countries.

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The World in Chili

Chili is one of those comforting fall dishes that just hits the spot on a cool, crisp day. A good bowl of chili is warm, spiced just right, and features enough protein to keep you full for ages. We can all agree on the merits of a bowl of chili, but for a lot of people, that’s where most agreements stop. There are so many different kinds of chili that are popular around the world — most centered in the United States, which has definitely become the world’s capital of chili.

The Best Comforting Drinks for Fall from Around the World

As the weather starts getting colder, we start looking for comforting drinks that will help keep us warm.  Some of the most popular options in America are also the easiest to find — there are more than 13,000 Starbucks locations in the United States alone, and they have a huge percentage of the market cornered already — people love their pumpkin spice lattes! However, there are a lot of downsides to visiting a café every day, especially if your go-to order is a sweetened latte or Frappuccino. It’s easy to make delicious warm drinks at home, which allows you to flavor them to your taste, saving both money and calories

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