Mini Guide to Iceland

Iceland is a Nordic island country located in the Arctic Circle. It has a population of nearly 350,000 citizens; however, roughly two-thirds of them live in Reykjavik, the capital, and its surroundings.

The country is famous for its geothermal and volcanic activity, which throughout thousands of years created a somewhat otherworldly landscape. Travelers also flock to Iceland to see the incredible Northern Lights and learn about its Viking inhabitants, who settled there in 874 AD.


While most international travelers will fly into Keflavik international airport, it’s also possible to take the weekly boat from Denmark, which takes around two days. You can travel around the country by bus, but it’s extremely expensive and not well served.

The best course of action is to rent a car and explore it on your own. Bear in mind that driving during the winter is riskier and you may need to book a four-wheel drive vehicle well in advance due to high demand. If you have time on your hands, cycling and hitchhiking are also good options and a great way to move around.

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Icelandic is the official language in the country, which is similar to Old Norse language of the 13th century. It uses the Latin alphabet (with two extra characters) and it’s similar to other Scandinavian languages, but only in writing, not in spoken form.

While trying to speak their language will definitely be appreciated, it’s not a requirement. Most citizens speak good English and Danish as both languages are compulsory in schools.

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