Mini Guide to India

Main Cities and Towns

Goan Cities

Many travelers who visit Goa tend to say that it’s completely different from the rest of India — less chaotic and more easygoing. This is due to the fact that it was a Portuguese colony for a long time and one of the main destinations in the Hippie Trail. It’s the perfect place to slow down and enjoy the many beaches scattered along the coast. Make sure you visit the Anjuna Flea Market, explore the Portuguese churches and have a night out of electronic music (Goa is the birthplace of psytrance).

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Considered one of the most sacred cities by Hindus and Jains, Varanasi will take you along a religious experience. Many people believe that dying in the city will bring them to salvation, so more than 200 bodies are cremated every day on the banks of River Ganges. There are 84 ghats in the western bank, which are the steps that lead to the river and where it’s possible to see the burning bodies along with people bathing to purify their souls.

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American City Guide: New Orleans

New Orleans has a reputation as one of the most fun cities in the United States. Nicknamed “The Big Easy”, most tourists come to New Orleans during Carnival, a raucous outdoor festival that celebrates the beginning of the somber Lenten season. If you manage to get beyond Bourbon Street, there’s a vibrant city just waiting…

American City Guide: Chicago

One of the largest and most underrated cities in the United States is Chicago. In fact, Chicago ranked first in Time Out’s 2018 City Life Index, topping other highly-ranked cities like New York City, Melbourne, and London. There are so many incredible things to do in Chicago, plus it lacks the hectic craziness of other vacation destinations in the United States. It’s a great option for a fun weekend trip, even if you’ll never see everything the city has to offer in just two days.

American City Guide: New York City

New York City is the most populous city in the United States and has a reputation as the most vibrant and thrilling vacation destination on the continent. It’s the home of New York Fashion Week, the United Nations, Broadway, Wall Street, and the Statue of Liberty. Its fast pace inspired the phrase “New York minute” and even if you only have $5 per day to spend, you can still enjoy every aspect of this incredible metropolis.