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Diwali usually takes place in October or November and dates back to ancient times when people celebrated the summer harvest. In some regions, it’s associated with the story of Yama and Nachiketa, representing right versus wrong or knowledge versus ignorance. It’s the happiest holidays in India and it’s sometimes thought to be a mix of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Also called the “festival of colors,” Holi is the perfect way for visitors to experience a fun day in India. It represents the start of spring, and the date to leave conflicts and mistakes behind and forgive others. The streets become an arena for a water fight mixed with plenty of colored powder (make sure you wear old clothes as they’ll be ruined!).

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The Best Canadian Hockey Towns

Canada and hockey go together like peanut butter and chocolate. If you didn’t know that, you either don’t watch hockey or you’ve never been to Canada in the wintertime. Just like any sport, hockey has its hotbeds. Coincidentally, each and every one of the cities and towns mentioned in this article claims superiority. Mind you, in entirely different ways. Some cling to a long and storied history. Others flash around their laundry list of NHL alumni, current Hall of Famers, and future Hall of Famers. Today, we’ll take a look at the best of the best. Lace ‘em up, tape up your stick, and put the foil on. These are the best hockey towns in the Great White North.