Mini Guide to Indonesia


Like many other Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia has primarily two seasons: dry and rainy (as opposed to summer, spring, fall, and winter). It’s generally hot and humid, but if you plan to climb the mountains or explore the highlands, you should take a warm layer of clothing. The wet season runs from November to March, and dry from April to October.

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Food and Drinks

Due to the many foreign influences throughout the years, Indonesian food is quite diverse. There are several rice dishes such as the famous nasi goreng, noodle dishes, a selection of soups (do try sayur asam, a tamarind soup), and even jackfruit stew (gudeg). Fruit juices, coffee, and teas can be found anywhere, though the real popular drink is Bitang beer.

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Funeral Rites in Tana Toraja

The Toraja people are famous for their unique burial rites. While they identify as Christians, in practice these rites are considered animists. When someone dies, the family may keep the body for years while they save for the funeral ceremony, called tomate. The festival can last up to a week, where ritual dances take place and buffalo and pigs are slaughtered to take the soul to the afterlife. The dead are placed in a tau tau effigy (mini wooden statue) and buried in a cave or hollowed tree.

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The Best Flower Displays in the World

Flowers are one of the most beautiful objects in nature — their bright faces remind us of sunshine and warm weather, and their perfume can help us recall specific memories that all our other senses have forgotten. While many of us strive to make our home the perfect outdoor oasis, others focus on spectacular displays of flowers that can only be found in a small number of places. We’ve scoured the globe for some of the most beautiful flower displays open to the public. If you’re a fan of beautiful flowers both cultivated and wild, check this list out.

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