Mini Guide to Morocco

Ourika Valley

The Ourika Valley is just a 30-minute drive from Marrakesh and the ideal place for a day trip. As it’s located at the base of the Atlas Mountains, the temperatures are slightly cooler, making it great for a hot day. Most travelers visit the region to climb Setti Fatma hill and bathe in the many waterfalls while taking in the beauty of the extremely green valley around them.

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Todra Gorge

The Todra Gorge is located on the east side of the Atlas Mountains and its massive cliffs seem to be out of this world. It’s one of the most impressive rock formations in Northern Africa and in some sections, the canyons are just 30 feet wide. It’s the perfect destinations for hikers and climbers with many campsites along the base of the canyon. Due to limited sunlight, it can sometimes get quite cold during the day.

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Safety and Health

One of the reasons Morocco became so popular in recent times is the fact that it’s a relatively safe country to explore. However, that’s not to say travelers shouldn’t take the basic precautions to stay out of danger. There’s a high number of touts and scammers, but a firm “no” is enough to keep them away. Although visitors are not required to have any specific vaccinations, it’s a good idea to have Hepatitis A and Tetanus inoculation.

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