Mini Guide to Thailand

Thailand is affectionately called the “Land of Smiles” and for good reason: everyone seems to genuinely welcome visitors. The country is the most visited in Southeast Asia, offering a wide range of attractions, cultural experiences, and amazing biodiversity.

The country is a newly industrialized economy with a high level of human development. So, it’s easy to understand why it attracts so many tourists when they can have a top-notch experience without having to spend a fortune.


International travelers will most likely fly into Phuket or Bangkok, and once they land, moving around is a breeze. Thailand is one of the easiest countries to travel around in the world as you can pretty much find a travel agent on every corner.

Whether you’d like to quickly fly into your destination, take a train to enjoy the scenery, or save money on a long bus journey, you’ll be spoiled for choices. In the cities, you’ll probably use the iconic tuk-tuks, or the songthaews (red mini trucks that work as a bus).

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Thai is the official language of Thailand, but there’s a total of 62 languages throughout the country. The largest minority language is the Lao dialect, spoken by the communities close to Lao, and Kelantan-Pattani Malay, spoken around the border with Malaysia.

However, visitors shouldn’t worry about speaking perfect Thai as you can easily get by with English. But locals appreciate when you speak some basic Thai words and try their best to help you out.

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