Save Them All: Animal Sanctuaries to Visit

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

A small town in upstate New York is home to one of the best animal sanctuaries in the U.S. It’s the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and it regularly takes in farm animals to save them from abuse and slaughter. There, you can see their friendly alpacas, goats, cows, sheep, and much more.

Guided tours of their premises are encouraged, and are used to give you a sense of the scope of their operation and their rescue techniques. The farm is strictly vegan, with an all-vegan café, so make sure that you don’t carry any animal products with you when you come to visit.

Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica

Not every animal sanctuary is lucky enough to have its own television show – the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica is the first. As the star of the Animal Planet show Meet the Sloths, this sanctuary attracted plenty of attention and visitors after it aired. If you travel to the sanctuary in Costa Rica, you’ll be able to spend the whole day hanging out and learning about sloths.

You’ll be able to tour their natural environment, and learn about the ongoing threats to their safety. All of the entrance fees go back into the sanctuary to keep their education and rehabilitation efforts going.

Joost van Uffelen / Shutterstock

Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary

Hippos are one of the most misunderstood species in the world. In cartoons, they’re huge and are generally depicted as being lazy and happy. In real life, they’re quick to react and can move incredibly fast when they feel threatened. This has led to the decline of the hippo populations of Africa, as humans tend to kill whatever is seen as a threat.

In Ghana, the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary was established by local leaders to protect their hippos and teach people about the importance of animal protection and conservation.



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