Tallest Unoccupied Buildings in the World

3. Torre Insignia

This black triangular skyscraper known as Torre Insignia might look like an evil genius’ headquarters, but it has been empty ever since a 1985 earthquake shook Mexico City.

The 25-floor structure was erected in 1962 and served as the headquarters of Banabras, the National Bank of Public Works. The top of the tower houses a carillon, otherwise known as a set of bells, which were a gift from the Belgian government.

The Torre Insignia was bought in 2008 and underwent several years of renovations to the interior and exterior. As of 2017, it is set to finally reopen for business.

2. Piraeus Tower

Known to locals as “the sleeping giant,” the Piraeus Tower in Athens, Greece has stood unfinished and empty over the port area of Piraeus for more than 30 years.  This 22-storey tower was started in 1972 and was built by the Junta, a short-lived military regime that ruled Greece from 1967-1974.

It was meant to mark Athens’ transformation into an urban center and act as a beacon for those entering and exiting the capital city, but since the project’s abandonment, it has served as a sad reminder of a period of political turmoil.

Architectural contests have been held to stir up interest in finishing the building, but it has yet to be completed. Today, the building serves mostly as an advertising billboard.

laranik / Shutterstock

1. Magasház

This high-rise in Pécs, Hungary known as Magasház, or “tall building” held the record as the tallest uninhabited building in Central Europe until its demolition in 2016. The 25-story tower was built during a financial boom in the 1970s and contained hundreds of residences.

However, by 1989 the building was declared structurally unsafe and was evacuated. Attempts to reinforce the building were made in 2003, but the building was still not considered safe enough for use. Magasház was slowly demolished floor by floor in March 2016.



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