The 14 Best Pumpkin Patches in the USA

8. The Great Pumpkin Farm – Clarence, New York

With a name like The Great Pumpkin Farm, this New York state farm calls to mind cozy evenings curled up watching the classic film It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. The huge farm offers tons of different attractions, including a fairground full of rides and a variety of competitions where you can test your mettle in pumpkin pie eating, or see how far you can fling a pumpkin on a giant trebuchet.

7. Walter’s Pumpkin Patch – Burns, Kansas

Another pumpkin patch that’s located within driving distance of a larger city is Walter’s Pumpkin Patch, which is only a half-hour’s drive from Wichita, Kansas. The Walters run a huge celebration called Pumpkinfest every fall, and in addition to the U-Pick pumpkin patch, they also offer adventurous outdoor activities that are perfect for crisp, fall days.

They have a huge treehouse that kids can explore, while adults will be watching out for the PumpGun Cannon – a massive cannon mounted on the back of a 1954 Chevy that shoots out pumpkins every hour on the hour.

6. Papa’s Pumpkin Patch – Bismarck, North Dakota

Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is full of fun activities that the whole family can enjoy, and they’ve made it their mission to keep costs down so families from all walks of life can afford a visit. Most of their activities, like the swings, trails, and tire climbing pile are completely free, while others like the pony rides and pedal carts cost between $1-4 per person.

Visitors love taking photos here and there are plenty of photo opportunities scattered around, like the farm’s specially-built 15-foot lounge chair.



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