The Best Burritos in the United States

Popular data analyst Nate Silver took a break from politics to turn their attention to another pressing matter that’s deeply affecting the United States — burritos.

Burrito connoisseurs from all around the country have always been deeply divided on what makes a good burrito. Many people are loyal to a particular style — the Mission burrito of San Francisco, the San Diego style, the smothered burrito of New Mexico, and the breakfast burrito of really… everywhere.

Silver took a scientific approach, and eventually narrowed it to sixty-four finalists, which were all personally tasted, before a winner was declared. Here are the top thirteen burritos in the United States, as determined by FiveThirtyEight.

La Taqueria

At the end of a long and ferocious fight, La Taqueria was eventually declared the overall winner. A small, unassuming shop located in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, La Taqueria’s delicious burritos swept the competition. Their burritos are Mission-style, which means that they start with a steamed flour tortilla and stuffed until it’s absolutely packed full of rice, beans, meat, cheese, lettuce, guacamole, and sour cream. It’s the style that many fast-food burritos are based on, and it’s so popular because it offers everyone something that they like. Plus, the mingled juices offer the perfect sauce, all held in with a thin wrapping of aluminum foil.

Al & Bea’s Mexican Food

Al & Bea’s Mexican Food is located in Los Angeles, and this cash-only burrito counter serves up incredible LA-style burritos in a restaurant that hasn’t changed for decades. In a Los Angeles-style burrito, the beans are the real star — they’re cooked for almost half a day, with plenty of lard and spices, until they turn into a flavorful paste that barely resembles the original bean. At Al & Bea’s, the most popular option for a burrito is the bean and cheese, which is served with amazing green chilli sauce, and even though it’s small, it’s incredible flavors will stay with you all day.



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