The Best Cocktail Bars in the World

It’s difficult, verging on impossible, to classify what makes a good cocktail bar. Is it the atmosphere and the design of the space? Is it the variety of their offerings? Or is it the expertise of the people behind the bar, who shepherd you through their menu with ease and aplomb?

However, you choose to define it, cocktail excellence is out there, and it’s mostly found in the hearts and minds of people whose main goal is for their patrons to enjoy themselves, relax, and learn more about the art of enjoying fine spirits. Here are some of the best and most interesting cocktail bars in the world.\

American Bar – London

The American Bar, which is the on-site bar of the Savoy Hotel in London, was recently named the best cocktail bar in the world for 2017. It has consistently ranked towards the top, but this year it clinched the title.

The American Bar literally wrote the book on classic cocktails, and they can still make you a perfect version of anything from their famous Savoy Cocktail Book, but their menu of innovative cocktails inspired by UK landmarks is definitely worth exploring. Their three master bartenders have been there for years, and pride themselves on maintaining the excellence that has kept The American Bar the gold standard of cocktail bars for over 125 years.

The NoMad – New York City

Located inside the NoMad Hotel, which itself is only six years old, the NoMad Bar is actually even younger, but has managed to rocket to one of the top cocktail bars in the world within a few short years. It took over from what was originally called the Elephant Bar, and is famous for its quirky, gigantic cocktails that are meant to be sipped by a group of 8 to 10 people.

Bartenders dish up pitcher-sized version of the Whiskey Smash or the Pina Colada, accented by copious swizzle sticks and decorative fruit. The bar itself is darkly elegant, which allows their elaborate drinks to take center stage.



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