The Best Coffee Roasters in the USA

Nobletree Coffee – Red Hook, Brooklyn

Brooklyn is known for being an epicenter of art, culture, and food, so it makes sense that Nobletree Coffee first got their start in the borough’s gritty Red Hook neighborhood. After a few years of roasting beans, the founders of Nobletree decided to open up an experimental coffee farm in Brazil, so they could control the process from “soil to sip.” Nobletree has explored an array of new varietals and processes in search of the best possible bean, and clearly, their work has paid off.

They’ve become so successful that they were offered a space in the brand-new World Trade Center shopping complex — it’s only their second café, although there’s a third opening in Brooklyn soon.


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Come visit our @dekalbmarkethall location upstairs before you visit @drafthouse !!


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Tandem Coffee Roasters – Portland, ME

Another great New England coffee roastery is Tandem Coffee Roasters, which hails from Portland, Maine. Founded by two employees who left the famous Blue Bottle Coffee to start their own company, Tandem’s coffee can be found up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

They only have a single café at the moment, in East Bayside, Portland, but they sell all of their coffee online. You can buy a bag or a subscription. They have cutely themed subscriptions ranging from the Coffee and Vinyl Club to a basic Espresso Subscription.


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All the Tandems are back in action today at 8am. Little Tandem too!

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Ruby Coffee Roasters – Nelsonville, WI

Wisconsin is known more for its farming towns and scenic drives than its coffee. However, in the tiny town of Nelsonville, you can find one of the most exciting coffee roasters in the United States — Ruby Coffee Roasters.

What started as a labor of love on a family farm is now a roastery that’s putting out some of the most unique small-batch coffees available today. Their offerings range depending on what’s available. Currently, they’re offering a selection of both sweeter Latin American coffees and bright African beans.

If you’re passing through the area, you can stop in at their coffee workshop for a tour and tasting.



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