The Best Coffee Roasters in the USA

Olympia Coffee Roasting – Olympia, WA

Although the larger Pacific Northwestern cities of Portland and Seattle are home to many well-known coffee roasters, coffee lovers claim that it’s actually Olympia Coffee Roasters in the midsize Washington town of Olympia that should be given the top honors. The 13-year old company has branded themselves “coffee obsessed” and it truly shows in their sophisticated line of offerings which include organic beans, espresso, and decaf blends.

They have five cafes located around Olympia and in West Seattle, including a tasting room inside the warehouse that also houses their massive roasting operation.


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Wells Coffee – Boca Raton

Although the town of Boca Raton is a popular tourist destination, it remained devoid of any reputable local coffee roaster until 2014, when Wells Coffee was founded after an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign provided them with the necessary funding. Their offerings are a mixture of single-origin beans and blends, which you can buy at their roastery and tasting room in Boca or get shipped to you by mail.

Congregation Coffee Roasters – New Orleans

Congregation Coffee Roasters offers plenty of amazing coffee and Southern hospitality in their new café, which is located a short ferry ride from the popular French Quarter. The founders of Congregation hail from Seattle, and they bring their expertise from that coffee-rich city to their new home. They roast all their own beans on-site and offer customers the choice of lattes, cold-brew, and everything in between. They even make their own beer on-site as well, in a partnership with a local brewery.

You can tell how deeply Congregation is involved in the local community as soon as you step through the doors of their café as all of their food is made in partnership with other local businesses.



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