The Best Flower Displays in the World

Tulip Festivals of British Columbia – Canada

The Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada, is home to a large percentage of Canada’s most fertile land, and much of this valley is given over to the cultivation of tulips. Canada’s association with tulips began in 1945 when the Dutch royal family sent a gift of 100,000 tulip bulbs to the Canadian government in thanks for sheltering the Dutch Queen Juliana and her children during the Second World War. Since then, Canadian tulip growers have developed new, hardy varieties that thrive in colder climates. In British Columbia, annual festivals like the Chilliwack Tulip Festival and Abbotsford Bloom Tulip Festival compete to see who can draw the most visitors.

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Furano – Hokkaido, Japan

Furano, located in the Hokkaido province of Japan, is known around the globe for their amazing rolling hills of flowers. In the winter, the hills are perfect for skiing, but in the summer, they’re given over to brightly colored stems of lavender, blossoms, poppies, and lupins. June to September is the ideal time to visit, but if you’re heading there to explore a particular flower, make sure to note that they all bloom at different times. Furano is a photographer’s dream — the bright fields of flowers are incredibly picturesque against the backdrop of the Tokachi mountain range.

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Chelsea Flower Show – London, England

One of the world’s most spectacular displays of cultivated flowers takes place every year in London, England. The Chelsea Flower Show brings together the best floral designers and gardeners in the world and has been a fixture of British society since 1912. It’s regularly patronized by members of the British Royal Family. Hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society, the show features exhibitions by famous horticulturalists, and awards are given out for the top gardens, trees, vegetables, herbs, and floral arrangements. The show is held every year at the end of May, and the public is welcome to attend — general admission starts at $60 USD.

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