The Best Flower Displays in the World

Luoping County – China

Every February to April, the dramatic landscape of the Luoping region of China is made even more spectacular when the canola fields blossom. The area is full of incredible hillocks that look like islands floating in the fields and is made even more otherworldly when canola blossoms paint the landscape in shades of bright green and butter yellow. If you want to come out for the day, the fields can be reached by bus from the neighboring towns of Qujing and Kunming. The best views are from the top of Golden Rooster Hill.

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Feria de las Flores – Medellin, Colombia

Every year, the city of Medellin celebrates the Feria de las Flores (The Festival of the Flowers) — one of the most important events in the city’s calendar. Every year, gardeners, farmers, and passionate amateurs gather for exhibitions and a parade which commemorates the end of the country’s slave trade. The silleteros who march in the parade carry gorgeous displays of flowers on their backs, to honor their ancestors who were enslaved as porters, and spent their lives moving both people and cargo up the mountains on their backs. The five-day festival has been celebrated every year since 1957.

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Kyoto – Japan

The Japanese are passionate about many aspects of their natural environment, but nothing elicits as much patriotic pride as their annual cherry blossom season. Kyoto is known for their gorgeous cherry blossom trees, also known as “sakura” in Japanese. The tree peaks for a few days between the end of March and the beginning of April.

There are several places around Kyoto to view the cherry blossoms — the Philosopher’s Path, the Arashiyama district, and the Haradani-en Garden are all known for their gorgeous blooms. Prices for hotels in Kyoto rise to astronomical levels during cherry blossom season, so book early.

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