The Best Ice Cream Shops in the World

In all the vast and varied cuisines of the world, ice cream is a dish that spans borders, breaks down cultural barriers, and is a guilty pleasure all around the globe. While it’s possible to get excellent ice cream in grocery stores, there’s nothing better than an ice cream cone straight from a local scoop shop. Ice cream there is generally fresher and has less preservatives than its packaged counterpart. While ice cream varies widely depending on your taste, we can all agree that the best ice cream shops feature homemade ice cream, flavors that reflect the local landscape, and plenty of toppings!

Here are some of the best ice cream shops in the world.

Giolitti – Rome, Italy

While there are tons of amazing gelato and ice cream shops in Rome, one of the most famous and lauded is Giolitti, an incredible palace devoted to ice cream and sweets. They have a walk-in bakery that also offers scoops of their delicious homemade ice cream, in classic Italian flavors like pistachio and gianduja. They also offer a sit-down café for patrons in search of a more upscale and indulgent experience. Their café menu features elaborate confections like the Giolitti Cup, a towering scoop of ice cream atop chilled zabaglione custard, topped with whipped cream and chopped nuts.

Bar Gelateria Ercole – Pizzo, Italy

Gelato is probably Italy’s most visible sweet treat. Tourists clutching rapidly-dripping cones are a common sight in historic areas around the country. However, Italy is also home of tartufo, a confection made with a few flavors of ice cream scooped into a ball and covered in a chocolate shell. Tartufo means “truffle,” and that’s what these treats look like.

The best tartufo come from Bar Gelateria Ercole, in the tiny town of Pizzo on the southern coast of Italy. There, scooping and hand-forming tartufo has been a family tradition for over 50 years.



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