The Best Places to Travel to Enlighten Your Soul

Traveling can be a spiritual and enlightening experience. Getting away from the hustle of modern life can be a good opportunity to get to know you. Being away from social media and the constant buzz of your phone will allow you to think about your life, priorities, and the people you love.

You’ll also learn a lot as you absorb the culture, food, and architecture of your destination. It’s a great vacation away from real life and I recommend everyone do it.

If you need some inspiration, here’s a list of some of the best places you can travel to take a step back from real life and enlighten your soul.

Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia has a few spots where you can experience a transcendent experience.

In particular, Bali is the perfect location for anyone who wants to shed all the stress and tension they accumulate over time. All its pioneer villages, holy water, temples, mosques, and sacred caves are there to open your mind and soul.

Bali has plenty of spas, where you can get a relaxing massage that you can’t get anywhere else. Afterward, don’t forget to visit the Bat Cave Temple, one of Bali’s main attractions.

Shiraz, Iran

Iran is filled with places to enlighten your soul.

One such place is Shiraz – the resting place of the renowned Sufi poet Hafez. Many Iranians find Hafez’s poetry calming and relaxing, which allows them to better connect with their spiritual side.

Speaking of Hafez, make sure to visit his tomb in the Musalla Gardens. While there, many people tend to read his books. In particular, they open to a random page and read a verse. Then, they contemplate how said verse relates to them.

Sri Pada, Sri Lanka

Sri Pada, also known as Adam’s Peak, is a place sacred to many religions around the world. Depending on who you ask, there’s a series of eroded rocks that are believed to be the footprint of Adam, Saint Thomas, Shiva, or Buddha.

As an important place for many religions, devotees make the climb to worship at the rock. If you’re not religious, there are plenty of trails to keep you busy.

Whether you’re religious or not, the Sri Pada is a magical place.

Crater Lake, USA

One spot in Oregon revered by Native Americans and spiritual knowledge seekers alike is Crater Lake.

Spread on a wide expanse, the lake came to be after a mighty eruption. Scientists say that Mount Mazama blew and became the crater.

However, Native Americans believe that a fierce battle between Chief of the Above, Skell, and Chief of the Below, Llao, took place where the lake now stands. When Llao was defeated, the crater formed, and his head took the shape of the island resting in the middle of the lake.

Whether this story is true or not, what is undeniably true is the rejuvenating effect of the lake. It soothes your soul as you breathe in the sacred air.

Mount Koya, Japan

Every religion teaches us peace and tranquillity. However, Buddhism bestows these qualities in abundance. So, if you are keen on learning these spiritual qualities, head to Mount Koya, the spiritual land of Shingon Buddhism.

You’ll find the Kongobuji Temple in the midst of the lush green trees. Take your time there and experience the lives of the monks. Wake up at dawn with the monks and meditate your way out of your troubles. Later, head towards their dining facility to enjoy a nice meal.

Consider visiting Mount Koya in July or August, as the climate is cozy and the monks are most active during these months.

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Some of the mightiest rivers and lakes of the world have given birth to legendary civilizations. One of these lakes is Peru’s Lake Titicaca.

Sitting 12,500 feet above sea level, this lake is the pilgrimage site for many who believe in the Inca civilization. Many believe that the leader of the Incas was born in the center of the lake, where the Isla del Sol now resides.

Whether you believe in the stories or not, visit Lake Titicaca to walk beside the temple ruins, have a stay at one of the posadas, and take in the stunning Andes mountain not far from here.

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