The World’s Most Beautiful Private Homes

Hearst Castle – California, USA

Originally given the fanciful name of “La Cuesta Encantada” (The Enchanted Hill), Hearst Castle was built in 1947 as a home for newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst. Although it took decades to build, Hearst only lived there for about four years – he died in 1951.

The gigantic home, which was built in the Spanish Revival style, features 56 bedrooms and the world’s largest private zoo. Even the property’s three guest houses are larger than most normal family homes. The home was given over to the government of California in 1954.

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Villa Leopolda – French Riviera

Villa Leopolda, on the French Riviera, was originally built for King Leopold II of Belgium, who gave it as a gift to his mistress in 1931. Through its history, the home has changed hands uncountable times, and with every new owner came new upgrades, as well as changes to the interior design. It has been used as a movie set a few times, including by Alfred Hitchcock in his movie To Catch a Thief.

Most recently, Villa Leopolda was in the news because its latest sale fell through, and a massive legal battle was waged by failed buyer Mikhail Prokhorov to get back his $47 million deposit.

Seven the Pinnacle – Montana, USA

This massive ski lodge is just one of several properties located on the grounds of the Yellowstone Club. It’s owned by real estate developer Tim Blixseth, who co-founded the Yellowstone Club. Blixseth went all-out in designing his own property – the building features heated floors throughout, a wine cellar, pools, and a private ski lift up to the mountain.

This doesn’t even include amenities that you can access as part of the Yellowstone Club. They offer access to a private mountain golf course, seven restaurants, three spas, and a rock climbing gym.

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