Top 9 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Italy

Amalfi CoastFrancesco R. Iacomino / Shutterstock

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast runs along southern Italy. It draws thousands of tourists every year with its rocky beaches, spectacular seafood and gorgeous architecture. It has been featured in movies and TV shows like Entourage and Under the Tuscan Sun. Even Jay-Z and Beyonce reference this beautiful setting in their song, Upgrade U. You might head to this paradise destination for its warm, Mediterranean waters and a local liquor, limoncello.

The towns on the Amalfi Coast are all built into the hillside or cantilevered from cliffs. The drive along the coast can be a little nerve racking, but the views are worth it. Destination towns include Positano, Capri and Pompeii — the town that was famously buried under ash when a nearby volcano erupted in 79 AD.

Vatican CityIakov Kalinin / Shutterstock

Vatican City

Though technically located in Rome, Vatican City is not technically a part of the city of Rome. Vatican City’s population is 842 — and includes the Pope. The Sistine Chapel is one of the most visited spots here, featuring Michelangelo’s famous ceiling mural, The Last Judgment. The Vatican is also home to Saint Peter’s Basilica, as well as many museums and cultural sites. Saint Peter’s is one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture in Italy.

Over half of the Vatican is covered in lush, green gardens, which have been growing since medieval times.

The temperature at Vatican City stays moderate throughout the year, with rainfall generally in the winter.

St.-Mark's-BasilicaEvgeniya Moroz / Shutterstock

St. Mark’s Basilica

Anyone traveling Italy should make time to take a walking tour through St. Mark’s Basilica, also sometimes called the Church of Gold. Located in Venice, St. Mark’s Cathedral provides visitors with a once in a lifetime opportunity to take in the breathtaking architecture, incredible mosaics, and priceless artifacts.

If you spend any time in the piazza outside the basilica, be sure to watch out for pigeons!



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