Truly Bizarre Monuments Found Abroad


While Stonehenge itself is more majestic than bizarre, many people find it amazing that we still don’t really know what it was originally used for. Built during the Neolithic period in southern England, it was used as a burial ground, but no one has been able to definitively say what other kinds of ceremonies occurred here. Additionally, no one is sure how such a primitive society managed to erect these massive stones.

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Christ of the Divine Mercy

This 50-foot statue of Jesus located in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, comes complete with a tiny adoration chamber built into Jesus’ heart that can be reached via staircase. Worshippers are encouraged to use the stairs to access the heart chamber before descending to the healing chapel located at his feet. The monument, which was completed in 2008, is surrounded by beautiful gardens that visitors are welcome to enjoy before concluding their visit.

Mac the Moose

Where else could you find the world’s largest moose statue other than Moose Jaw, Canada? Moose Jaw was given this gigantic statue in 2004 by an artist from neighboring Saskatoon, and Mac currently sits overlooking the nearby Trans-Canada highway, so everyone passing through the city can enjoy him.



11 Great Hostels to Stay In

For budget-minded travelers in search of a cheap place to stay, hostels can be the perfect option. Generally, hostels offer much better value than hotels and short-term apartment rentals. Because less money is spent on accommodations, it allows globetrotters to designate a larger portion of their budget to good food and sightseeing activities instead.

11 Great Hostels in Europe to Stay In

If you’re a budget-minded backpacker interested in meeting fellow travelers along the way, hostels are an exceptional alternative. Intimate, community-minded, and affordable, hostels have exploded in popularity and really come a long way. From shared open-concept spaces to private ensuites, it’s easy to find a mix of both communal and secluded accommodations.

The 10 Most Historic Prisons

While jail time isn’t a walk in the park for any convicted felon, many tourists flock to historical prisons around the world when traveling. This is due to their mystic, history, and eerie ambiance. While it may seem a little crazy, visiting a local prison can provide a ton of insight on a region’s roots and culture.