Unique & Unusual Vacation Rentals to Call Home This Summer

When most people go on vacation, they choose a destination and then look for accommodations. When you rent a unique vacation home, however, it almost doesn’t matter where it’s located. The property becomes the destination in that case.

Whether you stay at a jungle tree house or a bus stop, you’re bound to make memories at one of these exceptional places.

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    The Bus Stop

    The Bus Stop is a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home with sweeping views of the sky and the Lammermuir Hills. Custom-built from converted buses on an expansive farm, this rental gives you plenty of privacy.

    It features a wood-burning stove, hot tub, and outdoor grill. When you’re spending time outdoors, you can go fishing in a private pond or hiking on the trails that meander through the property. When you’re inside the home, you can make use of the creatively defined space.

    The master bedroom contains one king bed with a glass window above it from which you can watch the clouds or stare at the stars. In another room, a bunk bed with twin mattresses accommodates two more people.


    Amenities include:

    • Two bedrooms
    • Sleeps four people
    • Wi-Fi
    • Central heating
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Pet-friendly
    • Access to a secluded farm

    The Bus Stop is located in Gifford, Scotland, about 30 minutes from Edinburgh. You can book it through TripAdvisor Rentals. Prices start at $198 per night.

    The Floating House

    You don’t have to decide between staying in the jungle and having an ocean view when you rent the Floating House in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. The award-winning, 2,500-square-foot home sits above the treetops and looks down over Hermosa Cobano Beach.

    Three separate pods define the home, and you can open the large louvered shutters in any of the pods to feel as though you’re one with nature.

    One of the standout features of this property is the infinity pool that lies slightly below the house. You can relax in the water while watching exotic birds and monkeys swing through the treetops. When you’re not relaxing in the home, you can take a five-minute walk to the beach, which offers great surfing opportunities and tidal pools to explore.

    Amenities include:

    • Three bedrooms with air conditioning and ceiling fans
    • Sleeps seven people
    • Two bathrooms, one of which is a private outdoor spa
    • 180-degree mountain views
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Private pool
    • Private chef, massage, concierge, and staff
    • Private parking
    • Washer and dryer
    • Internet

    You can book the Floating House through HomeAway. Prices average about $479 per night.


    If you’re feeling world-weary, you might want to check out the eco-friendly PurePods in New Zealand. These glass cabins have been designed to fit in with nature and let you seclude yourself within a stunning landscape. Each cabin has sliding doors that open on three sides, letting you take everything in.

    Although they’re designed with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, the PurePods are luxurious. You’ll have solar-powered electricity and running water.

    The PurePods are located in Korimako, Kahutara, Manakau, Greystone, and Pōhue. Each offers distinct vistas. You’ll have to walk for 10 to 15 minutes from each car park to its corresponding cabin.

    Amenities include:

    • One bedroom
    • Sleeps two
    • One bathroom
    • Open decks with chairs
    • Games and books
    • Optional breakfast and dinner packages to order
    • Flush toilets and showers

    You can book a PurePod through the company’s website. Prices start at $590 per night.

    Sheep Wagon

    If you enjoy staying in a camper or RV, you might delight in this 1920s sheep wagon, which has been fully restored and provides a rustic experience of the Old West. Originally used on the family’s ranch, the sheep wagon is now outfitted to accommodate up to four people.

    The wagon does not have electricity, but guests can use their own generators if they would like to turn on lights or plug in electronics. There is no Internet, TV, or air conditioning, but the wood-burning stove gives off heat for keeping you warm and preparing meals.

    Amenities include:

    • One full-sized bed and one add-in bed
    • Sleeps four
    • Wood-burning stove
    • Cold boxes for storing perishable food
    • Pots, pans, and utensils

    You can rent this property in Shirley Basin, Wyoming, through Airbnb. Prices start at $125 per night.

    The World-Famous Seashell

    Anyone who has ever fantasized about being a mermaid will feel right at home in this seashell-shaped home in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It features two separate houses within a private, gated property. Each house has a king-sized bed and bathroom.

    The smaller building has a bedroom and a full bathroom that’s decorated with tiles and shells. In the larger building, you’ll find a bedroom, full bathroom, and balcony that overlooks the private pool. The large shell also has a sitting room, fully stocked kitchenette, and half bath downstairs. The Caribbean Sea is across the street.

    Amenities include:

    • Two king beds
    • Sleeps four
    • Wi-Fi
    • Television
    • Air conditioning
    • Private pool
    • Free parking on premises

    You can find this property on Airbnb. Prices start at $299 per night.

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