Things to Do and See in Washington DC

Declaration of Independence and Other Government Sights

You can see the Declaration of Independence and other important historical documents through The National Archives Museum. The museum website recommends leaving 90 minutes for your visit. To avoid the line (which commonly stretches out the door), arrive right when it opens at 10AM.

As for the White House and capitol building, both are organized through official tours. You can find out information about applying for admission here (for the White House) or here (for the Capitol).

But let’s have some real talk: Our seat of government is great and something you should do if you have the time, but it’s also not all that fancy. My British friend and I will wave at the White House as we walk past it, but I’m not worrying about showing her the inside. This is partially because Corsham Court, the English historic manor house where we had our master’s degree classes, is bigger than the White House itself. And once you’ve seen the Doge’s Palace in Venice, it gets a little harder to be impressed by our Capitol.

So definitely give it a shot if you are going to be around for a while. But don’t worry about it if you’re only in DC for a few days.


Washington DC is host to numerous festivals year-round, from concerts to cultural celebrations. For instance, just recently I was able to attend the Turkish Festival, where there was traditional dancing, Turkish tea, and (of course) Turkish delight.

Before you go, check out the list of events here and make sure you know what’s coming up. You might find something you just can’t miss!



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