Winter Wonderland: 14 Most Beautiful Winter Destinations in the World

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Rich with culture, history, architectural splendor, Prague is a city that often is missed out on during the winter months, but is that much more magical when snow-covered and icy. Visitors can take a walk down its cobble-stoned streets and admire gas street lamps as the snow is falling, adding a romantic essence to the entire city. With plenty of restaurants, shopping, and cafes, guests to Prague can often jump into somewhere warm to escape the cold, enjoy a beverage, buy a souvenir, and then head back out explore the rest of the city’s beauty.

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2. Tromso, Norway

The Arctic’s capital is cold, but one of the best places for travelers to witness the northern lights in the winter time. If that isn’t convincing enough to check out Tromso, then the plethora of museums, which provide great insight into the city’s history around expedition, is another great reason, with the Polar Museum and Tromso Museum favorites among visitors to the area.

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1. Queenstown, New Zealand

You’ll have to wait a little bit to experience the winter months in Queenstown, New Zealand (the season runs from June to August). It’s sure worth the wait, visitors will see the snowy mountains as a picturesque backdrop to the town, and they can head to the annual winter festival that features a wide array of snowy activities, music, and dance. only your computer will see or process your data input/output. / Shutterstock

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