Writers’ Residences: Literature Lives Here

4. Maya Angelou – Hotel Rooms, USA

In a time where social tensions brought unrest to the USA, Maya Angelou’s voice was heard by everyone. Apart from being a writer and poet, Maya worked with Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement.

Maya had an unusual writing routine. Everywhere she lived, she always paid for a hotel room monthly, even though she never slept there. She only used it to write. She requested that there be no paintings on the walls, and the bedsheets were never to be changed. Apart from yellow legal pads to write on, she only kept the Bible, a Thesaurus, a bottle of sherry, and a deck of cards to play solitaire with in the room.

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5. Ernest Hemingway – Key West, Florida

If there’s one author who considerably influenced 20th-century fiction, it was Ernest Hemingway. His writing style is regarded as extremely concise and each word in his prose has a function. He traveled extensively and was an ambulance driver in the First World War.

He wrote most of his famous books while living in his house in Florida for eight years. Hemingway was given a six-toed cat by a ship’s captain and he believed it brought good luck. Nowadays, there are over 40 cats in the house which are descendants of the first one, Snow White.

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6. Stephen King – Bangor, Maine

When someone thinks about horror stories, the first author that comes to mind is often Stephen King. He has published 54 novels, which have sold over 350 million copies. He was an anti-Vietnam war activist and many of his stories have been adapted to movies and television.

Although he’s originally from Portland, he now lives in Bangor. The city inspired him to write It, and was the setting for many of his movies, including Langoliers and Pet Sematary. His house is a famous touristic attraction, surrounded by a black wrought-iron fence and decorated with spiders, bats, and reptiles.



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