11 Strange Drinking Rituals From Around the World

Getting-Screeched-In---Newfoundland,-CanadaJochen Schoenfeld / Shutterstock

Getting ‘Screeched-in’ – Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundlanders have been kind enough to develop a way in which non-locals or “mainlanders” can become Newfoundlanders themselves. All you need to do is have a shot of their local spirit, called screech, recite a verse and kiss a fish on the lips (a cod to be exact). Most pubs are happy to provide the cod and a certificate to prove that you’ve been ‘Screeched-in’ to take home with you. You’re still wondering if fish have lips though, aren’t you?

Libation---Ancient-Egypt-and-TupacOleg Mikhaylov / Shutterstock

Libation – Ancient Egypt and 2Pac

In Ancient Egypt, libation was the act of pouring alcohol onto the earth in memory of deceased ancestors, in the honor of gods or the environment. This custom has been adopted by numerous cultures worldwide, including Western pop culture. Musicians across North America pour libations onto the ground when first opening a forty of liquor in honor of friends and family who have passed away. The practice has been immortalized by 2Pac’s song, Pour Out a Little Liquor, which is undoubtedly done in his honor every time the song is heard.

Cobra-Heart-Shots---VietnamCraigBurrows / Shutterstock

Cobra Heart Shots – Vietnam

Despite seeming like a cruel medieval feat of strength, tourists in Vietnam continue to partake in cobra heart shots. After selecting your own cobra from a bucket, the head is painfully cut off with a pair of dull scissors and the blood drained into a glass with a blended mix of the heart and some vodka for good measure. There are definitely better uses of your dongs. (Dong being a Vietnamese dollar, but you knew that.)



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