13 Fascinating Teas from Around the World


The speciality tea of Argentina is called yerba mate. It’s created by brewing dried leaves of the yerba mate herb. It has a uniquely smoky flavor, yet has been, in recent years, mixed with honey to make it much sweeter. It is high in vitamins, served hot or cold, and is found all over the world, not just in Argentina.

It originates as far back as before the Paraguayan War, when the Guarani natives would brew and drink it. There is a lot of etiquette involved with drinking mate as it is very much a social beverage. It’s common to see a circle of people passing around and drinking out of the same cup.

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United States

Especially in the southern United States, hot tea is not a popular beverage. Instead the most popular drink is sweet tea.

This tea dates back as far as 1879 and is created by adding a large amount of sugar (sometimes as much as twice the amount in a Coca-Cola) to a brewing mixture of black tea. It is then served ice cold and is well known for its thirst-quenching properties. Lemon and baking soda are sometimes added to improve the flavor, although they are not vital to the recipe.

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South Africa

Known as redbush tea in the United Kingdom, rooibos is a tea native to South Africa. It’s made from the rooibos plant and has a unique red coloring.

It is often served without milk and sugar because of its naturally fruity and sweet taste. It can also be blended with other herbal teas, yet is known for its mild flavor on its own. The brewing process is very similar to that of black tea and it can often be sweetened with honey or garnished with a slice of lemon.

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