13 of the World’s Weirdest Conventions

Mer Fest

Mermaids… ahem, merfolk really do exist and they convene once a year to flop around in an Olympic-sized pool in Cary, North Carolina for Mer Fest. Young and old, ladies and gents slip on their tails and live out every little girl’s fantasy. If mermaids aren’t your thing, Pirates are also welcome.

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Dust off your stovepipe hat and start growing out those muttonchops if you want to attend the next convention held by the Association of Lincoln Presenters in Ohio. Members dress up like the noble statesman and, along with a gaggle of Mary Todds, retrace the former President’s footsteps around Columbus, visiting the locations where he spoke, stood and where he lay in state.

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Porc Fest

Just when you thought America couldn’t get any freer, along came the Porcupine Freedom Festival, aka Porc Fest. At this weeklong Libertarian gathering in New Hampshire pretty much anything goes whether it’s selling your homemade wares, exercising your right to free speech or openly toting your gun around. Go for it!

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If you’ve ever proclaimed yourself to be on either “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” you might be interested in attending the Twilight­-themed Twi-Con. Wannabe vampires drag along their miserable boyfriends to talk about their favorite young adult “book” series and buy junk with Robert Pattinson’s face all over it.

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The Sideshow Gathering

You can really get your freak on at the yearly Sideshow Gathering in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  Carnies, sword-swallowers, barkers and human oddities gather to share their love of circus sideshow culture and nostalgia. Step right up for some good old-fashioned entertainment!

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Elvis Festival

Looking for a place to wear your blue suede shoes? Check out the world’s biggest Elvis Festival held in Collingwood, Ontario where you’ll have hundreds of live Elvis sightings. You’ll see every version, from young G.I. Elvis to old and bloated “PB & J & Bacon” Elvis.

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