14 Ways to Screw Up an International Trip

6. Forgetting to Take Vaccinations

You should visit your local doctor and find out about the jabs you should take the moment you decide to travel abroad. Depending on your itinerary, you may need specific vaccinations to keep you safe against diseases.

If you change your route, you may be exposed to some exotic illnesses, and need to learn how to protect against them. Also, don’t forget that several countries require that you have a Yellow Fever Certificate and you might be denied entry if you can’t show it.

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7. Not Buying a Return or Onward Flight

This is actually a very common mistake that people make when going on long term trips. They get to the airport to do the check-in and find out they’re not allowed unless they have a return or onward ticket.

Countries have this rule to ensure visitors won’t stay there forever; however, the rule is mainly enforced by the flight companies. If you get to the airport early, you’ll probably have enough time to buy a refundable ticket and be allowed to do the check-in, but it’s better to buy it way in advance.

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8. Falling for Silly Scams

Travelers tend to be the easiest prey for scammers as they usually don’t know how things work in their destination. So they might overpay for a taxi ride, attend a Chinese tea ceremony that costs hundreds of dollars, or buy fake tickets to attractions.

The best course of action to avoid such annoyances is to research the country that you’re visiting well. In that way, when someone tries to trick you into buying something, you can easily ignore them and be safe.

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