14 Ways to Screw Up an International Trip

12. Not Sticking to Your Budget

It’s not uncommon for first-time travelers to arrive at a cheap country, think they’re millionaires, and blow their budgets. A one-dollar beer is cheap, but if you buy 10 every night it quickly becomes expensive.

If you’re not careful with your budget, you’ll eventually need to cut your trip short, or stop somewhere to work and save some money. Figure out how much money you can spend each day and try not to overspend.

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13. Thinking You Won’t Need Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may seem like a trivial expense, until you fall from a motorbike, hurt your leg, and the hospital bill is extremely high. Or, you could be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and your boat sinks leaving you with nothing but the clothes you’re wearing.

The main takeaway is that travel insurance is necessary for the extreme cases, not for the small incidents. Don’t put yourself in a difficult position just to save some cash. It’s better to be protected than going bankrupt.

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14. Visiting Too Many Places in a Short Period

When you’re visiting a new place, be it a country or a continent, you might feel like exploring everything in one go. However, trying to stuff too many places into a short period of time is a surefire way to get stressed and overwhelmed.

If you do that, you’ll probably spend the majority of the time on trains and buses, and only have time to take a few selfies in the touristic sites. Instead, travel slowly and make the most of each destination you’re visiting.

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