15 Songs That Make You Want to Travel

Carolina On My Mind

Old Crow Medicine Show may have you thinking about Carolina. James Taylor has you seeing the sunshine and feeling the moonshine (and I’m pretty sure he’s not talking about the one in the sky).

New York State of Mind

Do I need to write anything more? Nobody captures the essence of New York City like Billy Joel. I mean nobody. The last time I listened to this song, I bought a ticket for a “Greyhound on the Hudson River line.”


This song by Regina Spektor makes college students want to backpack Europe, living the hostel life. But with lyrics like “In Montpelier I stayed in a chateau. A boy climbed into my bed and he knew no boundaries,” it’s also the song they don’t want playing in the car while Mom and Dad drive them to the airport…



Around the World in Holiday Baking

Every December, millions of pounds of butter, sugar, and flour contribute to the creation of spectacular treats for holiday celebrations. Even if you’re not ordinarily a baker, many people venture into the kitchen before the holidays to make sure that they’ve got plenty of treats to offer to family and friends.

The Most Unusual McDonald’s Menu Items from Around the World

If you’re a fast-food connoisseur, chances are you’re already familiar with the McDonald’s menu that’s typical in North America. They bring in new choices fairly frequently. However, most people stick with their usual order of Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, fries, McFlurries, and Apple Pies. It’s familiar food, and the bulk of the menu is essentially…

Big Brother China: A Look at China’s Social Credit System

This work of fiction is about to become a reality for the 1.4 billion residents of China where the government plans to roll out a “Social Credit System”. The Chinese government says it’s an attempt to raise “awareness for integrities and the level of credibility within society” through the use of mass surveillance and data collection.