16 Worst Places to Raise a Family

Cape Town, South Africa

In 2016, South Africa was named by Unicef as the worst country in the world to raise children between the ages of 5 and 14. Not only does it have the highest child mortality rate (77 South African children die out of every 100,000), but it has a shockingly high rate of children who die by homicide. Its capital city of Cape Town is considered to be the nation’s most dangerous city.

LMspencer / Shutterstock.com

LMspencer / Shutterstock.com

Leicester, England

While it doesn’t possess the same dangers that South Africa might, England has still been named among the worst places for children to grow up in the developed world.  A poll of ex-pats who’d moved their families to the UK reveals that parents believe their children have become less active since moving there, instead increasing their time spent watching TV and playing video games. Leicester in particular has been called the worst city for children, and is known to have high unemployment, high crime and fewer schools.

Jacek Wojnarowski / Shutterstock.com

Jacek Wojnarowski / Shutterstock.com

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis may have given birth to rock ‘n roll, but that doesn’t mean you want to be giving birth there any time soon. While it may have plenty of attractions that kids would love such as the Memphis Pink Palace planetarium and the Memphis Children’s Museum, it suffers from high crime and high unemployment rates. When it comes to schools, only a handful in Memphis receive above an 8/10 rating by GreatSchools.org.

Steven Frame / Shutterstock.com

Steven Frame / Shutterstock.com



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