16 Worst Places to Raise a Family

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio may have looked all polished up for the recent Olympic games, but it’s a pretty rough place to be a local. Crime and poverty are high and to top it all off, in recent years, the Zika virus has been on the rise there, for which pregnant women are at a high risk. Child homelessness and trafficking are also known problems in Brazil, making it a less than ideal city in which to start your brood.

Skreidzeleu / Shutterstock.com

Skreidzeleu / Shutterstock.com

Kampala, Uganda

Like in many African countries, Ugandan children face high mortality rates of 100 deaths to every 1000 births and many perish from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, and even HIV/AIDS.

Uganda is also one of the few remaining places on earth where human sacrifices are still known to occur, and children are often the targets. It’s believed that good luck and fortune will come to those who sacrifice a child and there have been many reports of kids being abducted on their walk to school to be sold off to witch doctors.

Sarine Arslanian / Shutterstock.com

Sarine Arslanian / Shutterstock.com

Tenancingo, Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country to vacation in, but even paradise has a dark side. The town of Tenancingo, which is not far from Mexico City, has the honor of being called “the human trafficking capital of the world” and is the greatest source of sex slaves entering the US. Most of the city’s 10,000 residents work in this criminal industry, and one in five children there say they aspire to be a pimp when they grow up.

Charles Harker / Shutterstock.com

Charles Harker / Shutterstock.com



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