17 Ways Traveling Will Make You Healthier

You-Sleep-Better-on-VacationMonkey Business Images / Shutterstock

7. You Sleep Better on Vacation

Sleep, next to sex and food, is one of the three greatest things in the entire universe. Don’t believe me? Try testing how good you feel after a good night’s sleep, and how crappy you feel after an all-nighter. Exactly. Getting a good night’s rest benefits your body in innumerable ways; from helping you feel awake and energized to giving you time to relax and depart from the stresses of life for several hours.

Despite how much we always complain about hotel beds, studies show that we sleep better and wake up more relaxed and well rested while on vacation than during any other time. I guess all that good food, fun activities and awesome sex really tuckers us out.

Vacation-Is-Pretty-Much-a-Guaranteed-Cure-From-Daily-Exhaustionfototip / Shutterstock

8. Vacation Is Pretty Much a Guaranteed Cure From Daily Exhaustion

Feeling exhausted with your daily routine will happen, especially when you work hard 8 hours a day Monday to Friday and have early mornings. But there’s good news! Taking a vacation in sunny and warm regions reduces exhaustion and helps your brain recover from the daily grind.

Similar to how stress brings us down, exhaustion can affect overall happiness, productivity and mood. So ditch the Starbucks and drop a few bucks on a plane to Jamaica! Your brain will feel a lot more energetic and refreshed once you’re home.

You're-More-Physically-Active-When-You're-AwayMJTH / Shutterstock

9. You’re More Physically Active When You’re Away

You’re using your body more when on vacation, and not just in the bedroom. Studies show that while traveling, we’re on our feet more, getting more exercise and movement. Exercising is good for your body’s overall physical and mental health. Studies have shown that getting more activity in our lives improves our health exponentially, and people who are active are more likely to live longer. Who needs a treadmill? Just walk the streets of beautiful Montreal or Paris, or perhaps someplace tropical!



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