17 Ways Traveling Will Make You Healthier

You-Also-Socialize-MoreRido / Shutterstock

10. You Also Socialize More

Research has shown that when we travel, we’re more likely to be social, and socializing with other people is good for your mental health. From helping curb depression to generally improving mood and relieving stress, meeting new people has all kinds of benefits for your brain. Not only that, according to studies, patients from the Midwestern Veterans Hospital who were known to be “isolated and withdrawn” were reportedly much more social after taking a vacation, and staff noted the vast improvement to their mental health after getting away for a little while.

And-Smile-MoreRawpixel / Shutterstock

11. And Smile More

Everyone loves to smile! Smiles are nice to look at, pleasant, relaxing, and good for you too. Doctors agree that smiling lowers your heart rate, reduces stress, increases productivity, improves your mood and can even relieve pain through the endorphins released when you grin like a doofus. And what do you do a lot of while you’re chilling out on the beach without a care in the world? Smiling, of course! It’s not hard to see why. A change of scenery, a new place littered with beautiful scenery and people, fantastic food, and little to no stress? Yes, yes, yes!

You-Tend-to-Get-More-Fresh-AirInnervisionArt / Shutterstock

12. You Tend to Get More Fresh Air

If you’re going somewhere that’s not buried under a couple of feet of snow, then chances are you’ll probably be outside for at least a little bit. While you’re out and about, especially if you’re traveling somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city, take a minute to breathe the air. Seriously. Fresh, open air is good for your digestive system, mental alertness, your lungs and your blood pressure. If you ever needed an excuse to hit the countryside or take a cruise, this is it.



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