17 Lies Everyone Tells You About Road Trips

It's-FastMr Doomits / Shutterstock

It’s Fast

Even though you may think you can cut Google Maps’ estimated trip time in half, you never know what might pop up. Missed exits, unanticipated construction and detours are all out there to slow you down. Road trips aren’t a race anyway, so just take your time and enjoy the ride.

GPS-Is-All-You-NeedVava Vladimir Jovanovic / Shutterstock

GPS Is All You Need

Never underestimate the power of a paper map. Even though GPS relies on satellites instead of Internet, by no means is it a sure thing. But as long as you can avoid any fires in your vehicle, a paper map is!

You-Can-Sleep-Comfortably-In-a-CarSuzanne Tucker / Shutterstock

You Can Sleep Comfortably in a Car With the Right Equipment

The seats are soft, the air is warm, maybe you even have a pillow and a blanket — but you’re still sitting down. Sitting in a car all day and then sleeping in the same spot all night is never a good idea. Cheap motels or even a tent will make all the difference.



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