17 Lies Everyone Tells You About Road Trips

Driving-Is-Essentially-the-Same-EverywhereDirima / Shutterstock

Driving Is Essentially the Same Everywhere

There are different driving regulations wherever you go, sometimes even within the same country (looking at you, Quebec, Canada). Make sure you research any random road rules before heading out or you could get yourself in trouble.

It's-EasyPhotographee.eu / Shutterstock

It’s Easy

Sure, driving to the store down the street is easy. Picking up a friend from the airport? No problem. But navigating a lengthy, pre-determined path in unfamiliar territory is entirely different. Driving can also bring out a weird side of people… but as long as you try to stay patient and alert, you should be able to find your way.

Highway-Hypnosis-Isn't-RealBernd Leitner Fotodesign / Shutterstock

Highway Hypnosis Isn’t Real

Although it may sound like some kind of driving urban legend, highway hypnosis is real! Spending hours and hours staring at the long lanes of bland grey concrete can definitely put any driver into a trance. It can also make you sleepy — very, very sleeeepy – so watch out!



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