17 Lies Everyone Tells You About Road Trips

There-Will-Be-Lots-of-Rest-StopsThomBal / Shutterstock

There Will Be Lots of Rest Stops

You’d think whoever planned the roads and highways of the world would’ve considered your need to pee when they did it. Well, they didn’t. Rest stops are by no means a given along even the most well-traveled routes, so you better get comfortable peeing in the woods.

Road-Trip-Games-Are-Funwavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

Road Trip Games Are Fun

No one intentionally goes driving around to play “fun” road trip games, do they? Do you know why? Because they’re not actually that fun. Find this license plate, read that sign — it sounds good, I guess, until you’re actually doing it. Be sure to plan alternative activities ahead of time.



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