17 Travel Movies That Will Inspire You to Pack a Bag

secret-life-of-walter-mittyOlga Danylenko / Shutterstock

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

When Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller), a manager for a magazine, learns that one of the photo negatives he needs is missing, he has to leave his boring, monotonous life behind to track down the photographer. Walter’s journey shows us that when we go out in the world with no plan or final destination in mind, we can get swept up in all kinds of life-changing adventures. And despite all the craziness, we learn to love this world and gain a new appreciation for it.

Walter Mitty’s adventure was simply pure chaos. Nothing went right for him, right from day one. And yet, if you asked him about it, I’m willing to bet he’d consider it the best time of his life.

the-hangoverdonfiore / Shutterstock

The Hangover (2009)

Come on, after watching the Hangover you immediately wanted to gather up a group of your friends and go party like a rock star in Vegas. Starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, this film follows a group of friends who, after a night of insanity and general tomfoolery in the city of sin, discover that one of their group is now missing, and go on a quest to find him.

The Hangover teaches us that even if things don’t turn out like you planned, it’s important to travel with your buddies and go wild at least once in your life, and bring home a story or two to tell (or take with you to your grave).

two-for-the-roadJulia Strekoza / Shutterstock

Two for the Road (1967)

An oldie but a goodie, Two for the Road starring Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney is all about how sometimes a good road trip is all it takes to rekindle the love between a couple. The stories follows a married couple’s journey and their memories of past adventures. Two for the Road taught us that, while a relationship isn’t all passion all the time, sometimes couples need to spend some time together reminisce.

Two for the Road also teaches us to go places with our spouse or significant other, to travel with them by our side and fall in love with them all over again in new and wonderful places, even after years of being together.



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