19 Diseases You Can Get While Traveling


If intestinal parasites mentioned earlier grossed you out, how about worms in your blood? Schistosomiasis is contracted through the skin from contaminated water. The worms – and their eggs – can then end up in your liver, spinal cord, and brain.

Want worse news? There’s no vaccine. To prevent it, avoid swimming in fresh water where it occurs. Thankfully though, there is a cure.

Pan Xunbin / Shutterstock.com

Pan Xunbin / Shutterstock.com


Another fun word that isn’t so fun to contract… Unless you enjoy high fever, severe headache, chills, muscle aches, and vomiting. It’s contracted through infected water, food, or soil. It’s most common among campers and can be treated with antibiotics.

Chaiyaporn Baokaew / Shutterstock.com

Chaiyaporn Baokaew / Shutterstock.com

Ebola Virus

Before Zika scared the bejeebies out of us, there was Ebola. Don’t want to get it? Don’t touch dead people.

Davide Calabresi / Shutterstock.com

Davide Calabresi / Shutterstock.com



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