19 Diseases You Can Get While Traveling

Yellow Fever

Probably the most painful vaccine I’ve ever received, but I’m so glad I got it, as there isn’t a real cure for this mosquito-borne virus.

KPG_Payless / Shutterstock.com

KPG_Payless / Shutterstock.com

Japanese Encephalitis

Kind of sounds like the name of a plant, doesn’t it? While it’s rare to contract Japanese Encephalitis, the disease that results in brain swelling and convulsions with one in four cases resulting in death. Oh, and there’s no prevention other than protecting yourself from mosquito bites.

Fendizz / Shutterstock.com

Fendizz / Shutterstock.com


Wasn’t this the name of an early nineties pop song? Thrombophlebitis refers to blood clots that commonly form from long flights. To prevent them, be sure to walk around a lot, especially during long flights and drives.

Hriana / Shutterstock.com

Hriana / Shutterstock.com



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