20 Least Educated Cities in America

Higher learning isn’t for everyone, but it does seem to be true that with education comes a better quality of life. Statistics show that educated people tend to earn more, live longer and happier lives, and have better overall health than their less educated counterparts.

The number of American adults with a college degree has increased significantly over the last few decades; however, there are still many areas inhabited by citizens who’ve chosen a different path. Here are the 20 least educated cities in the U.S.:

Beaumont, Texas

While it may be considered ‘scenic’, Beaumont can’t exactly call itself smart. Financial website Wallethub.com ranked Beaumont as the #1 least educated city in the United States in 2014 based on criteria such as the number of adults who’ve completed high school, college or higher, the number of doctors per capita, the number of students enrolled in top universities, etc.

Well Beaumont, at least you’re good looking.

Visalia-Porterville, California

You’d think sunny California would be a big draw for a lot of people, but Visalia-Porterville doesn’t seem to be drawing in many college graduates. Only 13.2% of its citizens hold an undergraduate degree, while a mere 4.3% have earned a professional degree or higher.

However, around 68% of Visalia residents have completed high school. It isn’t great, but it is still higher than some of the other cities on this list.

Capricorn90 / Own Work

Capricorn90 / Own Work

Rockford, Illinois

Sadly, a good education requires good funding. Many might assume that the lowest performing schools in Illinois would be found in Chicago, but that prize actually goes to Rockford, which is home to more than 15 low ranking elementary schools.

More than 73% of Rockford students have failed to meet testing standards, setting them on the wrong track for higher education later in life.

IvoShandor / Own Work

IvoShandor / Own Work



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