5 Countries Americans Can Get a Cheap College Degree

NorwayAlena Stalmashonak / Shutterstock

4. Norway

Almost as free as the next country on the list, but not quite. Norway offers free tuition at most of its state universities and colleges, although a few do require a semester fee. Also to be factored in is that the cost of living in Norway is relatively high in comparison to many other countries. And one more thing — Norwegian winters can be frigid, so if you study in Norway, budget for a warm winter wardrobe.

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5. Finland

How does free as opposed to thousands of dollars in debt sound? Finland currently doesn’t charge tuition fees, regardless of your nationality or the level of study — seriously, free! You still pay for living expenses (which would be true for anywhere), but throw in a 100% free degree. Frugal at its finest.

Of course, before you pack your bags and jump on the next plane out of the country, there’s one very important thing you need to consider…

Yes-But-Is-Study-Abroad-Really-for-YouAndreas Zerndl / Shutterstock

Yes, But Is Study Abroad Really for You?

When you’re looking to save money on your college education, it’s certainly worth exploring the option of studying in a country outside the U.S. However, you need to look beyond just the low or free tuition. Living expenses in some countries are much higher than those in the U.S., especially if you’re able to study at a local campus and live at home rent free while you attend college or university in the United States.

If you’re considering studying abroad, think seriously about whether you want to be studying at university or college level in a 2nd language. And finally, think about whether you can handle being away from family and friends while you study abroad. Many find study away from home to be lonely, and they regret trading the memories of college with longtime friends in exchange for a cheap degree.

On the other hand, many consider their study abroad an extraordinary experience that shaped their life, one they would never trade. Essentially, you need to put into perspective what you want out of the time you spend in college, how much you expect to earn post grad, and how much it’s worth it to you to either have, or not have, debt along with a college degree. Studying abroad isn’t the right solution for everyone. What is the right solution is knowing your options, and being realistic about what’s right for you and your future.



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