50 Places Women Should Never Travel Alone


The biggest issue with traveling alone to Cameroon is that you will eventually find yourself needing to take public transportation. Taxis are particularly dangerous, as the drivers themselves are often involved in rapes and assaults.

Officials also suspect that sexual assaults on women are drastically underreported, which doesn’t exactly help Cameroon’s case for traveling women.

Ammonite / Shutterstock.com

Ammonite / Shutterstock.com

Papua New Guinea

Gender inequality has plagued Papua New Guinea for quite some time, and while solo women travelers probably won’t feel repercussions from the wage gap, they could certainly experience repercussions from hostility towards tourists.

The U.S. Travel Advisory has issued several warnings against solo travel to Papua New Guinea, particularly for women traveling alone. This stems from widespread reports of rape and sexual assault, affecting both residents and tourists.

isaxar / Shutterstock.com

isaxar / Shutterstock.com

The Bahamas

This is a difficult one to list, because who wouldn’t want to spend a little personal vacation in the pristine beauty of the Caribbean? Still, common sense says that areas with vast populations and a constant influx of tourists should be avoided.

The UN is constantly reporting on high levels of crime, violence, and rape in the Bahamas. All that crowding and activity can bring out the worst in people—and as a woman traveling alone, you’re increasingly likely to bear the brunt of that.

Costin Constantinescu / Shutterstock.com

Costin Constantinescu / Shutterstock.com



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