50 Places Women Should Never Travel Alone

Chihuahua, Mexico

There are plenty of Mexican cities that aren’t safe for solo travelers, but Chihuahua is one of the big ones. The city sits directly on the cocaine smuggling route into the United States, so there are plenty of drug-related crimes. In fact, there are so many cartels setting up shop in Chihuahua that gun fights, kidnappings, and theft are often commonplace.

The rule of thumb to abide by when considering visiting a Mexican city? If it’s not a terribly safe place to live, then it’s certainly not a safe place to visit. It’s got a great name, but when it comes to Chihuahua, the best practice for solo female travelers is to avoid it altogether.

Marcelo Rodriguez / Shutterstock.com

Marcelo Rodriguez / Shutterstock.com

Mali, West Africa

Part of the difficulty with visiting Mali is that the country has been taken over by radical Islamists. Even the ancient sites, like Timbuktu, are considered dangerous places to visit.

It’s not just solo female travelers who need to watch out. In fact, the rates of kidnapping, terrorism, and violence are so high that most foreign offices advise that any travel to Mali be avoided altogether.

Quick Shot / Shutterstock.com

Quick Shot / Shutterstock.com


This one might seem like an obvious choice, but the risk is so high for solo female travelers that it certainly warrants a mention. Yemen is an incredibly unstable country, with political tensions constantly fluctuating.

Although the architecture is notorious for its geometric patterns and unique construction, the country is filled with hostility. In fact, the British and American governments have both warned against all travel to Yemen.

Claudiovidri / Shutterstock.com

Claudiovidri / Shutterstock.com



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