50 Places Women Should Never Travel Alone

Buffalo, NY

Right next to Niagara Falls is Buffalo, coming in at one of the worst places for women to travel alone. Although Buffalo is currently amidst a rebirth and revival of their downtown scene, including new restaurants, breweries, and waterfront attractions, women planning to walk the streets alone may want to reconsider.

With a poverty rate over 30% and an unemployment rate over 7%, there is still a ton of friction within the city itself. Non-violent crimes in the city soar high above national averages, including burglary, arson, larceny, and motor vehicle theft.

Nicholas Piccillo / Shutterstock.com

Nicholas Piccillo / Shutterstock.com

Kansas City, MO

Missouri has a tough time with keeping their cities safe for female travelers. Part of this is due to high population levels, high poverty, and high unemployment.

While national averages decreased for violent crimes and assaults, Kansas City averages have continued to increase. With assault and violent crime increasing every year, women certainly should avoid walking through Kansas City on their own.

TommyBrison / Shutterstock.com

TommyBrison / Shutterstock.com


Of course, all of this isn’t to say that there aren’t certain dangers to be aware of when taking trips at home. Women are certainly at risk for the same type of violence, sexual harassment, and assault in their hometown as they are while traveling. Still, there are places in the world that are uniquely categorized as more dangerous than most, due to differences in culture, politics, population, or crime rates.

Ladies, never fear—there are plenty of beautiful and exciting places in the world for your next solo travel destination! Still, when packing your bags for your next trip, be advised to avoid these places.

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GaudiLab / Shutterstock.com



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