50 Places Women Should Never Travel Alone

Machu Picchu, Peru

While the ruins themselves shouldn’t raise alarm for solo female travelers, the problem with visiting Machu Picchu is that there are some seriously dangerous areas surrounding it.

Travel routes leading to Machu Picchu and the rural areas surrounding the ruins are home to multiple terrorist groups and drug-trafficking cartels. Not only does this make solo travel unsafe for women, but it makes solo travel a bit too perilous for anyone to consider. Unless you’re Walter White, of course.

Martin Gardeazabal / Shutterstock.com

Martin Gardeazabal / Shutterstock.com

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has all the potential for an amazing adventure soaked in neon lights—but it carries equal potential for a nightmarish ride through a volatile city. Organized crime is a pressing issue, and tourists traveling alone are popular targets.

Police in Thailand also have a reputation for not caring too much about helping tourists out. Your purse was stolen and you’re penniless? Move along, lady!

aphotostory / Shutterstock.com

aphotostory / Shutterstock.com


This is the type of destination that can truly change you, both spiritually and mentally. Unfortunately, women looking to travel alone should keep in mind that Israel is incredibly volatile. Bomb attacks and other acts of terrorism have become commonplace.

Although tourist activity is still extremely high, tourists are suggested to travel in groups, not alone.

RnDmS / Shutterstock.com

RnDmS / Shutterstock.com



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