50 Places Women Should Never Travel Alone


There are plenty of beautiful resorts to vacation at in Haiti, but it’s difficult to resist the temptation to leave and explore the surrounding culture. For women traveling alone, this is a terrible idea. The number of reported muggings and assaults steadily pour in, and tourists are particularly at risk for sexual crimes.

As it turns out, when people say “Stay on the resort and you’ll be fine,” they certainly mean it for Haiti.

Daniel-Alvarez / Shutterstock.com

Daniel-Alvarez / Shutterstock.com

Acapulco, Mexico

Though it once was considered the most prosperous city in Mexico, high levels of crime and violence have given Acapulco a bad reputation. Women traveling alone might be willing to give this bad reputation another chance—after all, we all go through our phases—but Acapulco might not deserve it.

As the third most violent city in the world, there are 104 homicides for every 100,000 people. Those might not be the best odds for women traveling alone.

Polryaz / Shutterstock.com

Polryaz / Shutterstock.com

Guatemala City, Guatemala

As the largest city in Central America, Guatemala City certainly holds a large piece of the Mayan world, both present and past. Unfortunately, this city also holds a critical crime rating from the OSAC, making it one of the most dangerous places for women to travel to alone.

Many violent crimes happen in public transportation, like buses and taxis. Women who plan to travel alone—and to give their feet a rest from time to time—will want to steer clear of Guatemala City.

bumihills / Shutterstock.com

bumihills / Shutterstock.com



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