50 Places Women Should Never Travel Alone

Somalia, Africa

While Somalia is home to many beautiful natural landmarks—including caves, national parks, and beaches—it also holds significant dangers for women traveling on their own. The clear majority of Somalia is made up of warring tribes and rebel factions.

Somalian pirates are certainly not Johnny Depp in eyeliner. Ladies looking to broaden their world view should look for safer places to do so, where political strife and violence aren’t quite so rampant.

Free Wind 2014 / Shutterstock.com

Free Wind 2014 / Shutterstock.com

Peshawar, Pakistan

Though Peshawar certainly much to offer in stunning architecture and cultural museums, it is notorious for being a dangerous place for tourists. Suicide bombings and political uncertainty make for a tense and volatile environment. Women traveling alone are easy targets for crime, a fact which carries across the entire country.

Although Peshawar is specifically highlighted as unsafe for solo travelers, it’s safe to add the entire country of Pakistan. There are certainly safer options, ladies, and Pakistan is not one of them.

Asianet-Pakistan / Shutterstock.com

Asianet-Pakistan / Shutterstock.com

Indianapolis, IN

Home to the world’s largest auto racetrack and the NCAA Hall of Champions, Indianapolis is a booming Midwestern city with tons of activities for tourists. While most large cities tend to have issues with crime and assault, Indianapolis tends to struggle a little more with these issues.

In 2015, the murder and rape rates for Indianapolis were well above national averages. For women traveling alone, Indianapolis is probably an unsavory option. If you absolutely need to see the Hoosiers sink a few three-pointers, try to catch an away game.

Rudy Balasko / Shutterstock.com

Rudy Balasko / Shutterstock.com



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