7 Signs You Just Got Back From Studying Abroad

You-Blow-a-Fuse-When-Your-Mom-Reminds-You-of-CurfewDavid Pereiras / Shutterstock

4. You Blow a Fuse When Your Mom Reminds You of Curfew

If you’re returning home to live under the roof of mom and dad, chances are they might be a little confused about setting rules for the new, independent you. You’ve learned skills, competencies and life lessons — and just maybe, how to behave like a grownup. Instead of being insulted by imposed ‘house rules,’ show off your new mature self by suggesting a frank and open discussion about rules and mutual respect.

Social-Causes.-Awareness-of-Human-Rights.-It's-Real,-and-It's-NecessaryCREATISTA / Shutterstock

5. Social Causes. Awareness of Human Rights. It’s Real, and It’s Necessary

Poverty, lack of access to basic health care, youth denied education, gender inequality — these issues are real. If you’ve witnessed them firsthand, you’re likely more inclined to want to change them. If you return from study abroad with increased social awareness and the desire to improve the lives of others, there is definitely a better ‘new’ you for those around you to get to know.

Maps,-Maps,-and-More-Mapsrjheijs / Shutterstock

6. Maps, Maps, and More Maps

Maps have guided and directed you to local coffee shops and markets, historic and cultural attractions, bars and maybe even an occasional class. Studying abroad can instill a love for finding just about anything on the map. It might seem strange to leave home without a map, but checking your home town map as you head out to Starbucks might be a little out of the ordinary.



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